Meet the STAND of TAU Cerámica at Cevisama 2020

Finally we show you the final images of the Stand that we have designed for TAU Cerámica that you can visit in the next edition of Cevisama, the International Fair for Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings that will take place at Feria Valencia between the 3rd and 7th of February 2020.

The Stand has been designed as a space where we wanted to move away from the traditional idea of exhibition stand and look for a groundbreaking and innovative concept that could create both an attractive meeting point for those attending the fair and showpiece ceramic material at its best.

The design aims to solve the two main requiriments of the project: the creation of a unique and flexible exhibition space; and the use of ceramics through new and innovative systems that allow expanding the possibilities that this material normally offers.

The Stand is defined by a roof that represents the unifying element of the proposal and at the same time limits the space. A sieve of suspended ceramic slats that seem to defy the laws of gravity and whose orthogonal and repetitive disposition strengthen the feeling of opening and continuity of the project.

Under this suspended roof it is displayed an open, diaphanous and flexible space which will be the central place that justifies all the spatial and functional relationships that occur both internally and externally.

To highlight the unique value of ceramic materials, there has also been used ceramic pieces of different formats that allow to generate from opaque planes to almost transparent walls that seem to disappear. Rather than a conventional exhibition space, this project evokes a sensory experience, playing with the opposing concepts of Lightness and Strength, Transparency and Opacity.

For its construction more than 30 tons and 2000 m2 of ceramic material have been used, of which 1000 m2 will be suspended over the new TAU Stand`s visitors. All this to form a new concept of exhibition space. A place of coexistence, meeting and communication.


  • Monday 3rd February. 12.00 pm
    Press conference. STAND Presentation.
    José Martí, partner Architect of ERRE, and Alejandra de Juan, Project Manager will explain the Stand and the projects that the team is currently developing.


  • Wednesday 5th February. 16.00 pm
    Round Table discussion: “Design: Innovation, Sustainability and Capacity to transform”
    Participants: ERRE Arquitectura, Tau Cerámica, In Haus, Designable, El Fabricante de Espheras y Viccarbe.

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