ADRIANA IGLESIAS. Designer of exclusive clothes. A telecommunications engineer by profession, she made the leap into the world of fashion in 2014. She created the brand that bears her name, and that didn’t happen by chance; the truth is that her clothes, her designs, her prints are all an extension of herself, of her character and lifestyle.


When ADRIANA IGLESIAS contacted us, her sales channel was through multi-brand stores.

While this distribution model was working perfectly well at the sales level, ADRIANA was not satisfied, since she needed to control each and every detail at the point of sale, hoping, in this way, to strengthen the brand image. This was the reason that led her to consider creating her own distribution channel and initially turned her attention to CORNERS located in large department stores.



We came up with an idea: to play with the material her clothes are made by (SILK) and to create with it an element that would wrap around the space.

We photographed all the patterns in ADRIANA’s last collection and fed them into a computer; we mixed them up, digitally dyed them blue like the bottom of our Mediterranean Sea and then printed everything in our office.

We thus created ribs of VIRTUAL SILK. We did them sea wave-shaped.


Floor Section


The commission she gave us was twofold: on one hand, her STORE IDEA (Concept Store), the physical appearance when creating spaces, had to be consistent with her brand, her image, her clientele; on the other hand, she needed us to develop her first location, a 27 m² space in a Marbella shopping centre.

We sought the essence of her brand. After analysing her collections, her designs, her clothes, we found a common denominator: SILK. Her commitment to this raw material is a constant in her work. Her colourful clothes transmit Mediterranean light.

Data sheet

PROJECTConcept store Adriana Iglesias
LOCATIONEl Corte Inglés, Puerto Banús, Marbella
CLIENTAdriana Iglesias
CONSTRUCTORGrupo Inserman S.L.