Mercadona, a national leader in the field of food distribution, currently has more than 1,500 stores supplied by nine of its own logistic centres. It has a staff of 75,000 workers, who have developed their careers within the company.


The management model on which Mercadona is based, TOTAL QUALITY, entails the company’s workers constantly learning on the job, hence the need to construct a building dedicated to this specific training. Additionally, a new Data Protection Centre became necessary, together with IT offices for its operation.

We were, therefore, required to provide a response to both needs: that of TRAINING ROOMS and IT OFFICES.


It was clear that the training rooms, intrinsically linked to the company’s TOTAL QUALITY identity model, should be pre-eminent throughout the space and organised in such a way as to be recognised as training rooms from the exterior of the building.

We opted to build them with the solidity of concrete, but we wanted to personalise this material and so we created a special mould based on shopping trolleys, a company symbol, that would subtly leave its mark on both the outside and inside of the building.


We wanted to create a building with character; a building removed from the idea that industrial architecture is nondescript. We were concerned about the issue of materials; we wanted to convey the company’s values and reflect its spirit and corporate rationale.

We wanted to give prominence to USE, each piece mirroring its function. We wanted the interior activity to be readily evident from the outside.

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