AC33 | Refurbishment of a residential building

Today we share with you the first post of 2018, and of course, we start big! This year, we are working on the integral refurbishment of two residential buildings in the Ensanche quarter of Valencia.

AC33 is the first we introduce to you and the first whose construction works have already started. The project consists of 9 apartments with their own parking and a communal garden area with swimming pool. The building on which we intervened had been dicussed for years. Its structure did not comply with the conditions of habitability. For this reason, we chose to rebuild the slabs, retaining only its characteristic façade as well as its unique forging elements.

The project operated by Rimontgó seeks to be an energy efficiency reference. Each apartment will have an underfloor heating system, zoned air conditioning and bets on geothermal energy. This source of renewable energy works with the internal heat of the Earth assuming a minimum consumption and greater comfort for future users.

We will share the photographs of the demolition works we are currently doing. For the moment, we show you these renders so you can get an idea about the project.


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