L’Alqueria del Basket

Last September we introduced the first images during the official act that took place in La Fonteta, today we display them in the blog. We are really excited to show you l’ Alqueria del Basket, the sports complex we have designed for the Valencia Basket.

It is a large scale project build to train young talents and seeks to be the best in Europe. Its construction arises from the lack of space needed by the increasing reserve of young players. L ‘Alquería is located in the adjoining plot to the pavilion and its facilities occupy circa 15,000m2.

Regarding to the program, it will be divided into two volumes and will have a total of 13 courts; 9 are indoors and 4 outdoors. The first volume will host the main court. It will be equipped with 300 seats and it will allow to play both league games and training workouts. The second one, houses 8 courts that can be separated by curtains and will have their own locker room. In addition, l ‘Alquería del Basket will have study rooms, a gym, nursing and physiotherapist areas and service area for the young player’s families.

The project is expected to be completed during the last quarter of 2017. Currently, the major part of its structure is already built. We will keep you updated, stay tuned to the blog!


L’ Alqueria del Basket



Render alquería basket

Plano alquería basket

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