Construction begins on the ROIG ARENA 2022

The Parking for the Casal España Arena of València project, promoted by Licampa 1617 S.L. and designed by ERRE, has begun its construction.

This project, which will be located next to the current Fuente de San Luís pavilion, will have a total of 1,034 parking spaces distributed over 5 floors of about 4,000 m2 each.
The first four floors are covered, each with 128 parking spaces. The top floor, uncovered, has a capacity for 130 parking spaces and has been designed from a respectful point of view with the surrounding buildings of the neighborhood.

This building will also have 3 underground parking floors. The total area of the project is ​​32,114 m2.

Parking Casal España Arena de València



The new Parking of the Casal España Arena de València is conceived as a clear and simple volume that is defined by a continuous metal façade that gives it a contemporary, abstract and calm image in relation to the Quatre Carreres neighborhood and the city of Valencia.

The metal skin is microperforated, giving the building a certain degree of lightness through the play of light and transparencies that occur between the interior and the exterior. In addition, the curved surfaces of the corners provide a friendly image to the user, attenuating its visual impact towards the city.

The ramps are located around a central patio. As the cars go up, this courtyard increases its surface which allows capturing a higher percentage of natural light inside the buiding and enhancing its natural ventilation.

Imágenes interiores Parking en altura



The project has been designed with the aim of optimizing and organizing road access to the future Casal España Arena de València and facilitating pedestrian routes for future visitors to the sports venue.

For this, a pedestrian access system has been designed directly connected to the public park that will be built next to the new pavilion and that allows not to interfere with the access and movement of cars.

The design of the park itself, the use of color as a visual attraction, as well as the position of the stairs and lifts manage to give order to the pedestrian paths and optimize their movement.

This new project will also include spaces for electric cars, bicycles, electric scooters and motorcycles, as well as accessible spaces for users with reduced mobility.

Lastly, and with the aim of making the building as self-sufficient as possible, solar panels will be installed on the roof and efficient energy management systems that will reduce the overall consumption of the building.

Parking Casal España Arena de València

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