ERRE is for Refurbishment

After the deserved summer vacation, the ERRE team returns full of energy and with many new refurbishment projects on the table. Starting all over again it is always hard, however, we feel like getting back on track. We will talk about each and every one of them little by little but, today, we will start with the refurbishments. Because, with no doubt, the residential sector is growing fast. We have 4 refurbishments in progress, all of them located in the Ensanche quarter of Valencia.

Refurbishments are always a challenge, one of those you really want to approach. Each construction presents a different one: solving the needs of each client. No matter the initial state of the apartment, nor the size of this, what really matters is that the client is able to dream, we do the rest. Seeing the transformation from before and after is always rewarding. This year we will have the pleasure of seeing it four times. Four different stories that we will share with you on this blog.

Below you will find the images of one of the apartments under construction located in Cirilo Amorós street.


Refurbishment in the Ensache quarter of Valencia

Pabellon España de Astana  refurbishment 2017

pabellon concurso astana refurbishment 2017

pabellon concurso astana refurbishment 2017


Other Projects Awarded for innovation