ERRE takes part in the I Congress UP 2020

On November 20 and 21, 2020 took place the first edition of the Productive Urbanism Congress organized by the FUE-Universitat Jaume I.

In this occasion ERRE had the opportunity to participate explaining the administrative process of the Casal España Arena de Valencia project which we are developing in collaboration with HOK.

Jose Martí, Partner Architect of ERRE arquitectura, Juan Pedro Romera, Technical Architect of the project and Víctor Ferré, Technical Director of LICAMPA 1617, made a presentation focused on the explanation of the Casal España Arena de Valencia project, its gestation and the development of the different administrative phases that have been necessary to begin the construction of this infrastructure for the city of Valencia.

A process that began in August 2018 with the approval of the project and that has lasted for almost two years going through different phases: from the provisional approval of the specific modification of the General Urban Development Plan to the definitive one, which was obtained in middle of confinement last April 28.

During the presentation, was valued the importance of public-private collaboration for the development of the project and of the good communication that has existed throughout the process between the intervening agents.

Finally, the speakers explained how the Casal España Arena project in Valencia seeks to become a focus of activity within the neighbourhood and the city. A project with a marked social dimension, which will provide Valencia with a public school, a park and a multifunctional pavilion that will revalue the area, attracting not only economic, but social and cultural wealth.

We thank the organization and the committee of the I Productive Urbanism Congress for giving us the opportunity to explain our experience achieving this exciting project.

More information about the congress in the oficial website


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