From layout to real life: l’Alqueria del Basket

Last week we wore our safety helmets once again in l’Alqueria del Basket. During the visit, we were accompanied by the civil servants of the local government who are responsible for the permits. As you can imagine, the big scale of the building makes necessary a large number of permits to request and, behind each concession, they .

From layout to real life. The technicians and administrative staff were able to cover the entire project and touch all materials in the first person. They were able to check the results of the works in situ and imagine what the building will look like in just a few months.

In addition, press correspondants form El Mundo also accompanied us and wrote an article about the visit. You can read it in Spanish by clicking on this link.


The civil servants of the local government during the visit

Puntales de Obra

Operarios en Alqueria del Basket

Arquitectos observan trabajos de construcción

Other Projects Under construction II: Alqueria del Basket