Interview with Orsal

Last April the Orsal team interviewed us in their section #AmigosDeOrsal. The location chosen for the round of questions was the ViccarbeStudio, the showroom of the well-known Valencian furniture firm with whom we have the pleasure to work.

We talked about architecture, our architecture and our way of doing. We also talked about style, the ideal client and our relationship with Orsal. We leave you some of the answers below, but you can read the full interview in Spanish on their website.

Extract Jose Martí’s interview: #AmigosDeOrsal

What is Architecture for? Does it help us?
I do not want to be pretentious trying to define Architecture, having masters of the modern movement, like Le Corbusier, who have already done so. The only thing that I can contribute to this, is to define the architecture we to do in ERRE architecture that is one that tries to make life way more easier for the users. The one that tries to improve their quality of life. In the tangible, TO MAKE IT WORK, in the intangible, TO EMOTION.

Could you define your style? And the one that most influences you?
The question is truly difficult for me to answer. I have never been interested in those architectures that design in the same way a pharmacy and a shopping mall, with a very predefined seal.
We start from scratch in every project, we study the conditions of the place, the program. Obviously, our previous works condition us too. They lead us, I would say not because of its style but as a pool of knowledge. (…)
Probably, our style is not based on a form, material, something to be seen. Our style is not easily seen at first glimpse, it is immaterial. It pretends to be right with the need, with the use, with the best use.

What is your relationship with Orsal? Would you change something?
Orsal gives a service that goes beyond the mere distribution of equipment, they solve problems and that always adds up, improves the final product, which is what get us united us to the entire team of people working on a specific project.

Read the full interview in Spanish here.


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