Introducing TORNARES 2021


The new collection designed by ERRE arquitectura for TAU cerámica


We announced it a few weeks ago and it is already a reality.

Today we present you TORNARES the new collection designed by the ERRE arquitectura for TAU cerámica which will be officially released on September 27 at the Cersaie international fair.

Would you like to deep into all the details and get the catalogue of this new collection? Continue reading:


Collection TORNARES designed by ERRE is born with the will to create a new product that, inspired in nature, gets to return to the ceramics origins and values.

This collection starts from tradition, from argille in its most pure state and in its most natural form to create a smart and innovative product getting ceramics back to essence.

From the very beginning and effort has been made to get back to honesty of raw materials, in order to achieve a sincere and natural esthetic result.


TORNARES is made up of 5 series whose design refers to natural environments and geographical places that have been used as inspiration to shape this new collection.

Textures, colors and geometry present in each of these series, make real an universe of possibilities and combinations to conceive and imagine smart and evocative spaces.


Would you like to get the new TORNARES collection catalog?

Donwload the full catalogue in the netx link 

Finally, to give visual identity to this new collection and its graphic application, we have been collaborating with the designer Ibán Ramón. . A work that has allowed us to achieve a graphic outcome aligned with the goals we set at the beginning of this process.  

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