The new market of el Grao will look like this

The market of el Grao in Valencia is the oldest in our city. After years of deterioration and low activity, it will finally be a new focus of life in the neighbourhood. The local government of Valencia gave us the opportunity to design the refurbishment project. This very project will finally be executed by the architect José María Tomás, after winning the contest.

The refurbishment of this historic market will preserve the original architecture. We wanted to achieve an open revitalizing space that invited social and commercial coexistence. In aim to do this, we designed new elements, such as green and open areas, where the comercial uses are combined with the cultural ones.

The market will have 24 stands, open morning and afternoon, where there will be fresh and local products. In addition, a multifunctional space has also been designed for conferences, concerts, children’s theater and where neighborhood associations and guilds can gather. Below you can find the images we created to show how the future intervention will look like.





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