New Project. Lookout House. 2022

In recent years we have been lucky enough to develop different residential projects, from projects that transform a flat into a single-family house, to complete building renovations designed seeking comfort and sustainability.

Vivienda mirador

Currently, ERRE is immersed in the construction of a new house on the outskirts of Valencia where the views, the light and the surrounding environment have been key elements in its design.

The project is defined from a single volume that adapts to the marked unevenness of the plot, thus reducing its visual impact and integrating itself into the surrounding natural landscape.

Lookout house

The spaces of the house are organized always seeking a direct relation with natural light and outdoor spaces. All this under a roof that acts as a great viewpoint that overlooks the imposing natural context and allows the visual limits of the plot to be expanded.

Lookout house

We have used exposed concrete due to its color, texture and great capacity for conservation through time. This material manage to provide the character and adequate presence that this project need.

Lookout house

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