Presentation of Alqueria del Basket 2016

Last September we presented to the media the new project designed for the Valencia Basket: L ‘Alqueria del Basket. The presentation took place in the team’s pavilion, Fonteta de Sant Lluís, where local and national press assisted to the act.

The complex of l’Alqueria del Basket was revealed by its main users, the children. Six students pressed a button that initiated the video that shows the future architecture project. It was Jose Martí from ERRE who explained the technical parts of our design and our intentions. We want to built a long lasting architecture where the kids can play and that is in what we focus, on them.
The project is located on the plot adjacent to the pavilion and is currently under the foundation fase. Soon, we will begin to lift the structure that will shape the building and we will explain you more about.

It was a really exciting time. A project of this magnitude is a challenge and a pride. Respect and enthusiasm in equal parts.

Presentation event of l’ Alqueria del Basket


Presentation alqueria basket

Presentation alqueria basket

Outdoor pictures: Eva Mañez for Valencia Plaza

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