Spanish pavilion EXPO 2017 proposal

On the 9th of June, Expo 2017 was inaugurated in Astana, Kazakhstan. Hand by hand with Expomobilia and the expert in renewable energies Sergio de Otto, we designed a proposal for the Spanish pavilion that was among the finalists. On this post we will tell you more about it.

“Future energy” is the new theme of the current international exhibition. In order to develop the proposal, we chose to focus on the user, responsible of the management of that energy. We seek to generate an interactive and educational pavilion and, for aim to do so, we combined architecture and play.

On the one hand, we propose an easy game for visitors to discover the benefits of the use of renewable energy and the consequences that result from not doing so. On the other hand, we created an attractive and cheerful space that invite the visitor to participate.

We used two architectural elements: the floor plan and ceiling plan. The ground allows us to generate dynamism, and lead the visitor to the meeting area: circular steps on which hangs the game screen. The second floor, the ceiling, helps us to reduce the existing excessive height and to excite the player. Around 12.500 white recycled polystyrene balls hang from it forming a nebula that charges itself with energy and illuminates the space as the game progresses.

From the access we also wanted the visitor to be able to intuit what will find inside the pavilion. The polyethylene balls generate the exterior facades. In addition, incorporating leds in some of them, will mark the beginning of each game and, incorporating color, will shape the logo designed for the pavilion.

Together with the Kids agency, we created a dynamic identity that reminds us of the concept of energy; its variations and transformations. The chosen colors were the ones from the national flag being able to identify the Spanish pavilion even from far distances.

Proposal for the Spanish pavilion EXPO 2017

Pabellon España de Astana 2017

pabellon concurso astana 2017

pabellon concurso astana 2017

pabellon concurso astana 2017


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