Residential Building C4. New Video 2022

ERRE presents new video Residential Building C4.
A funny game of spaces to look into the latest residential project designed by ERRE arquitectura.

We are excited to release our latest residential project completed in Valencia.

The C4 project transforms and rehabilitates a 1920 building located in the Eixample District of Valencia into a contemporary residential building where both spatial and material quality join technology to achieve high levels of comfort.

Two characters, one game and a common background for this unexpected story.
Would you like to join us in this story?

Special Thanks. Residential Building C4
This video has been possible thanks to Rimontgo, Viccarbe, Adriana Iglesias, Paulina Piwko y Nicole Piwko.
Video: David Zarzoso and Fernando Moreno (Agencia salinas)

Discover the new residential project design by
ERRE arquitectura in next link


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