The Hortensia Herrero Art Center. Promateriales 158 2021

Dialogues between past and future. This is the title of the article published in the latest issue of the Promateriales magazine about the progress of one of the most exciting projects that we are currently developing, The Hortensia Herrero Art Center.

As you already know, the project is being carried out on the old Valeriola Palace, a building of enormous historical importance that without this intervention would have ended up disappearing due to its advanced state of ruin.

Hortensia Herrero Art Center under construction

The works continue at a good pace and it will be in 2023 when this new Art Center will be inaugurated and opened to the public in the city of Valencia.

A project whose works began in 2018 and which aims to become a new space of cultural and artistic reference where enjoy the art collection of the Hortensia Herrero, as well as temporary exhibitions of artists of recognized national and international prestige.

Would you like to know how the works are progressing? Access the full article at the following link.

Thank you Promateriales

Hortensia Herrero Art Center under construction

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