The rebirth of San Pedro Nolasco Market 2019

The San Pedro Nolasco Market project, located in the “Morvedre” neighbourhood of Valencia, is based on two main premises:
On the one hand, to recover the historical value of a market built in 1900 which in recent years has suffered a progressive degradation until becoming practically unused today.
On the other hand, to create space that will provide a meeting point for the neighbourhood and an attraction for the city. A covered space that generates activity for all the people who live in the surroundings.

Setting out with these aims, we decided to develop the program on two levels:

The ground floor will house five traditional market stalls and moveable shelving units that will allow the sale of fresh and seasonal products. In addition, and in order to welcome the neighbourhood into the market, half of the ground floor is open, providing a flexible space capable of hosting different activities and encouraging the flow of both local people and users in general.

On the first floor there is a hall available for public use to host local activities, such as painting, drama, music or drama workshops. The space is designed to be open to the ground floor on one side to maintain the visual connection between the two floors and to have the possibility of undertaken activities using both levels at the same time.

One of the most characteristic elements of the market is its roof and the structure that supports it. The project, therefore, proposes restoring these elements to their original state, so highlighting the historical image of the building and its surroundings.

The Valencia City Council will put the project out to tender in order to decide who will finally execute it.

Ground Floor.  San Pedro Nolasco Market.



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