Under construction: AC33

Our construction works didn’t stop despite summer heat. This is why today’s post is willing to update you about the current state of the refurbishment work of the two residential buildings located in the Ensanche of Valencia. Although you were already aware about the early stage in a previous entry, today we are finally able to bring you the very first images of the construction process.

As you already know, the first building in which we started working is located in Almirante Cadarso street. Due to its deplorable state, we needed to demolish its ironwork in order to respectfully rebuild them afterwards so its unique facade remains intact. To that end, we have decided to divide the demolition procedure into phases. During the first stage, we have cleaned the place up and demolished the partitions. With a completely diaphanous space achieved, next step to take was to place the stabilisers on the inside as well as in the outside with the purpose of preventing any damages on the facade. As soon as the propping was placed, ironwork was demolished also. A very detailed phased task which has allowed us to preserve the unique features of this facade.

Stay tuned for further details in our upcoming posts.

Current state of the works


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