Under construction: Albalat offices (II) 2022

The project for Mercadona‘s central offices, whose evolution we have previously wrote about in our blog, continues to advance its construction with the aim of consolidating this new headquarters located in the town of Albalat de Sorells.

Currently, construction work is being done on the execution of the facades and curtain walls of the offices whose design will enhance the presence of natural light in the work spaces, creating a healthy environment designed for people.

Diseño de oficinas en Albalat dels Sorells


The patios that are under construction will incorporate a system of metal slats that will allow solar protection of both exterior and interior spaces.

In addition, progress is being made in the main work spaces, which will have meeting rooms distributed in such a way that multiple work environments can be created to adapt to the different demands of users.

The main challenge is to create a project capable to transform the existing office model and update it to new trends and technological requirements.

Diseño de oficinas en Albalat dels Sorells



With the support of the international consultancy firm BICG, the project has been based on the application of the “activity-based working” model with which it is intended to break with the system of isolated and independent departments and implement an open, agile and flexible office concept.

El proyecto global está conformado por cuatro bloques paralelos orientados norte-sur que cuentan con una superficie de 35.000 m2. Además de un aparcamiento subterráneo de tres niveles con 1300 plazas.

The whole project has four parallel north-south oriented blocks that have an area of ​​35,000 m2. In addition to a three-level underground car park with 1,300 parking spaces.

Stay tuned to our blog where we will be publishing all the progress of this ambitious office project.

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