Under construction: Alqueria del Basket

As we previously explained, the construction of l’Alqueria del Basket is underway and making good progress. The most curious people will already have seen the Sports Complex appearing behind the fences of the site construction but for those who do not have had the opportunity to visit the surrounding, we update you on the current status of the project on this new entry.

The first process we carried out to start was the preparation of the soil. In aim to do this, the whole plot was dug, the foundation of driven piles was executed and, subsequently, it was filled again. This last process involves making external stone contributions and compact the ground to support the base of the building. Regarding the construction progress of the program, the social club, the room facilities and the offices were the first volumes to be built. The structure of the first of two identical naves that house the indoor courts is also finished. In the pictures below you can see the lattice that appeared on the renders we published days ago.
In the coming weeks we will proceed to run the hearth base and lift the second nave. The deck system that covers the first structure is also initiated.

Concerning about the main court, the grandstand is almost built. The stepped walls made of reinforced concrete that will support the seats are already finished. Currently we are working on the finish touch of the surfaces.

As for the ship forming the main track, and can intuit the stairs that will house space. Have executed the stepped walls of reinforced concrete support on which the seats. Work is currently in its finish.

The end of works of l’Alqueria is expected for the last quarter of 2017. We will be showing how this project progresses.

L’Alqueria del Basket construction site





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