Under construction: AC33 (II) 2019

The refurbishment works of the residential project AC33, of which we have written about its beginnings and evolution in our blog, is already in the final stages of its construction.

Divisions, suspended ceilings, facilities, finishing and exterior aluminium carpentry are being installed in each of the 5 houses that are part of the residential building situated in Almirante Cadarso street 33.

Moreover, the Works of rehabilitation, cleaning and painted of the main façade have been finished. This façade has been maintained due to its patrimonial and Ambiental value. By doing so it has been protected the main characteristics and urban context of the Ensanche district of Valencia giving continuity and establishing a relation with the rest of buildings nearby.

In the same way, in the interior garden have already been placed the vegetation and the topography which will give shadow and life to this space, becoming a unique place just in the centre of Valencia.

Soon we will share the photographs of the finished project. For the moment, we show you some images of the current state of the works.




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