Under construction II: Alqueria del Basket

Finally, we bring you the new post about the construction works of l’Alqueria del Basket. This time, the whole ERRE team attended the tour and we enjoyed the good company of our friends from the architecture studio Igloo. Do you want to join us too?

During this second visit we walked around the building from top to bottom, from the installations room located beneath the building to its roof. We started the tour at the first of the main volumes. To serve as a reminder, the project was designed with two equal volumes that contained 8 of the 13 courts. At the moment, both volumes are standing and fully covered. In addition, we had the opportunity to see how the workers placed the polycarbonate plates that generate the outer skin and give character to the project.

To access to the second volume, we went through the locker rooms and the nursing and physiotherapist rooms, where the first finish are being applied. And, before going up to the first floor, we could see grandstand of the main court already finished.

In the first floor, the workers were assembling partition walls and making the last adjustments in the structure. As we can see in the images, both the first and the second volume already have the  footbridge structure that crosses over the basketball courts and from where there will be a privileged view of the trainings.

And from the first floor, to the deck. The visit ended from the top, where we could we enjoyed fantastic views of the Valencia’s skyline. The end of works of l’Alqueria is expected for the last quarter of 2017 but we hope to bring you a new post before the opening. We are closer to play a basketball game. Start training!


L’Alqueria del Basket construction site

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