Under construction: Public School Les Arts (II) 2021


A promise is a promise! today we are happy to share with you a new post about the construction progress of the “Les Arts” Public School promoted by Juan Roig`s patrimonial society Licampa 1617 S.L.

In the previous post we showed you the evolution of the main structure. Since then, the works have not stopped and, as you can see in the images below, both the facilities and the interior divisions of the classrooms and different rooms of this educational center are already being executed.

Nuevo Colegio Público Les Arts en construcción

There are also being executed the walls and finishes of the interior patios that will allow the entrance of natural light to the corridors as well as providing cross ventilation to all the classrooms.

The next steps will be the works related to coatings and finishes that will shape this new educational center, which will replace the current Les Arts school and is expected to open in the academic year 2021-2022.

Nuevo Colegio Público Les Arts en construcción
Once the construction of the project is finished, the idea is to demolish the current educational facilities to build in this plot the rest of infrastructures that will complement Casal España Arena of València project such us a public park with green zones and an overground parking.

This new infrastructure is part of the Patronage of Juan Roig, and is integrated into the Licampa 1617 project, which seeks to build the project Casal España Arena de València, a covered facility of both national and international reference where celebrate sports, cultural and entertainment events.

Nuevo Colegio Público Les Arts en construcción

More information about the new Public School Les Arts in this link

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