Unveiling the new Public School Les Arts 2020

The new Public School Les Arts designed by ERRE and promoted by Juan Roig`s patrimonial society Licampa 1617 S.L., has begun its construction phase.

This new educational building, which will replace the current “Les Arts” public school, will be located on the plot delimited by Ángel Villena, Blas Gámez Ortiz and Antonio Ferrandis streets and is expected to open in the next academic year 2021-2022.

From a regular structure and a constant module, the project is organized in two parallel volumes separated by a central patio. These two pieces host the kindergarten and primary classrooms program respectively, establishing a clear and simple functional organization.

The project is defined by open spaces with large glazed surfaces that allow natural light to enter the classrooms and the possibility of extending them to the exterior, thus enhancing outdoor educational activities and blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space.

From an environmental point of view, the project count with vegetation throughout the entire facility improving the air quality and the well-being of children and teachers.

Apart of this, several environmentally friendly measures have been taken such us solar control systems, the use of LED lighting, motion detectors in specific areas, or dropped ceilings made from plant-based fibres to improve insulation and reduce noise pollution.

In addition, a series of interior patios with vegetation have also been introduced in order to introduce natural light to the corridors and provide cross-ventilation to all the classrooms.

Finally, the new educational facility will use high-quality materials and easy-to-clean hygienic surfaces, always thinking about the maintenance and sustainability of the new school.

Once the construction of the project is finished, the idea is to demolish the current educational facilities in order to build in this plot the rest of infrastructures that will complement Casal España Arena of Valencia project such us a public park with green areas and an overground parking.

This new infrastructure is part of the Patronage of Juan Roig, and is integrated into the Licampa 1617 project, which seeks to build Casal España Arena de València, a covered facility of both national and international reference where celebrate sports, cultural and entertainment events.

More information in the website of Licampa1617

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