Valeriola Palace 2016

We are working on a new and exciting project. A challenge that draws from the legacy of several centuries of Valencian history and culture: The Palace Valeriola.

The Valeriola Palace is a noble baroque style building built in the s XVII at Calle del Mar in Valencia. This axis is one of the culturally richest part of the city. Where one can even find rests of the ancient Roman Circus or the old Jewish quarter.

Over the years, the Palace has hosted multiple uses. And due to this, it has suffered several interventions that have been deteriorating its conditions. The project consists on the integral refurbishment of the building. It seeks to bring up again the nobility of this majestic building, the brightness that once characterized it. And to fulfil this, what a better way than to use their spaces for the public, to allow the citizens to enjoy them.

We will tell you more details soon, but by the moment, you can have a look at the current pictures.
We are facing a beautiful challenge.

Estado actual del Palacio Valeriola



Fotografías: David Frutos

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