Since we started our collaboration with the design of the TAU stand for Cevisama fair held in Valencia in 2020, the relation between ERRE arquitectura and TAU Cerámica has strengthened and established itself over time.

TORNARES is the result of the trust that exists between both companies and that has materialized in a new collection with which to reimagine the possibilities of ceramic wall tiles.


“A collection designed by architects for architects and interior designers.”

This was the starting point proposed by TAU and from which we began a work process characterized by passion and respect for ceramic material. This project has allowed us to create a unique product that manages to respond to the needs and demands of professionals in the field of design and construction.


From the very beginning an effort has been made to get back to honesty of raw materials, in order to achieve a sincere and natural aesthetic result.

This idea, which has always flown over the entire design process, has allowed us to create 6 series in which inspiration from NATURE has helped us find a way that unifies them in a global and coherent way.

Fives series (Duero, Gredos, Ordesa, Zumaia y Galena), to which a sixth is added (Hiru), that allow a world of possibilities and combinations in both flooring and wall tiles.


Collection TORNARES designed by ERRE is born with the will to create a new product that, inspired in nature, gets to return to the ceramics origins and values.

This collection starts from tradition, from argille in its most pure state and in its most natural form to create a smart and innovative product getting ceramics back to essence.

The textures, colors and geometry present in the series the TORNARES collection is made off, make real an universe of possibilities and combinations to conceive and imagine smart and evocatives spaces.  


A journey to RETURN.

RETURN to the origin.

RETURN to the essentials.

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