Maria, Marta and Javier, 8, 4 and 3 years old respectively, are the children of José Martí and Mangeles Ros, architects and partners in ERRE Architecture. The children are, in fact, the authors of this house; they are the reason why this project became reality. Their parents sought to create a space that would allow them to grow, develop, learn, evolve; basically to live.

The simplicity was the best bet.

It is always difficult for an architect to make their own home, so just imagine the proposition for a couple! We saw it clear from the beginning; it was an opportunity to gamble on what we believed in: simplicity.


We had a previous home but outgrew it on the birth of our third child. We did not want to leave the neighbourhood. We lived in Valencia’s second expansion belt and found it very comfortable; it is here where our studio is located, in addition to our children’s school. We searched for a bigger flat, and also one with a terrace. We found it; it was dilapidated, but that was obviously not a problem, but rather the opposite.


We created a neutral space in which only the floor was given prominence. We sought a material that would allow us to use it in all the interior rooms as well as in the outdoor spaces. We decided on IPE wood, which had strength and character. The space began to flow.


The challenge was to connect the interior with the exterior, to blur the boundaries between inside and outside. We wanted to live in the city, in the centre, but did not want to give up the pleasures of our climate. We transformed an apartment in the centre of the city into a single-family home.

Floor plan

We wanted to create a functional home, comfortable to live in, one that would enable our family to develop and adapt to the different requirements of each and every moment. We wanted to give prominence to natural light. A flowing space. An easy, comfortable home in which to live pleasurably.

Data sheet

LOCATIONEnsanche de Valencia
CLIENTJose Martí, M. Ángeles Ros
BUILT SURFACEApartment: 206m2
Terrace: 300m2