Clínica Alejandría is a medical and educational center in Valencia specialized in aesthetic skin treatments. A team of doctors with extensive experience and where the passion for both medicine and education is felt equally.

Clínica Alejandría_ERRE arquitectura


Due to the space limitations of the previous clinic, Alejandría and its entire team needed a new environment in accordance with their philosophy where they could continue to grow as professionals and be able to offer a quality service and experience to their clients.

I felt the need to create a space that was consistent with our philosophy. That
would allow us to fully develop our comprehensive dermatological and teaching vision.
A space that reflects the timeless beauty resulting from the balance and harmony between the elements, beauty as the maximum expression of health”.

Laura Cubells. Founder and director of Clínica Alejandría


Clinica Alejandria_ERRE arquitectura


The strategy was based on dividing and organizing the program on two levels. On the lower level are located the reception and the boxes for clients. The higher level is intended for the education of both the medical team and other interested professionals.

The entrance and reception space becomes the heart of the project. A place in which the geometry, the light, the vegetation of the central patio and the warm materiality welcome you and make you move towards its interior.

Moreover, we have collaborated on the design of the furniture, in which, using natural wood we have tried to establish a new form of more personal and close service between the doctor and the patient without compromising their professionalism.

Ground Floor

From the beginning, we wanted to design significant spaces creating a special atmosphere characterized by curved shapes and round surfaces such as the semi-circular arch.

The use of clay mortar in combination with walnut wood generate a sincere, close and “tactile” materiality.
This “skin” of the interior spaces accompanied by a clear and simple geometry aims to create an environment where silence can be breathed, and beauty can be felt. An oasis of calmness in the centre of Valencia.



Data sheet

ProjectClinica Alejandria
ClientClínica Alejandría
Construction CompanyAT 4 grupo
Area480 m2
CollaboratorsMadentia (Joinery) / Ecoclay (Coating) / Flos (Ilumination) / Viccarbe (Furniture)
PhotographyDavid Zarzoso
VideoAgencia Salinas. Fernando Moreno
AwardsGolden ADCV Award 2022