Rimontgó, developer of the AC33 project, relied on ERRE from the beginning for the development of a building that has meant an improvement of the heritage of the city of Valencia and, on the other, the creation of comfortable dwellings designed for families respectful with the environment. 


With an excellent location, in the heart of the Eixample District of Valencia, the AC33 residential project was a great opportunity to improve the quality of the urban environment of our city.

More than spaces, we wanted to create a place that could improve the quality of life of future residents, designing comfortable dwellings adapted to their needs and habits.

Looking towards the future, we have designed a residential building that bets on sustainability and energy efficiency, guaranteeing the greatest comfort of its future users.


We have been respectful with heritage, maintaining and refurbishing the facade of the original building built in 1921. 

We have introduced innovative energy systems, making AC33 the first project in the centre of Valencia to incorporate geothermal energy as a source reducing consumption and CO2 emissions. 

We know that information is the best tool to act optimally and responsibly. We have made a commitment to technology and home automation that always allowing users to be informed of their consumption. 

In addition, the AC33 building supplies, manages and controls energy globally, allowing savings in facilities and equipment. 

Floor Section

AC33 is a project where we wanted to create a place to live. We wanted these dwellings to be characterized by their functionality and comfort, paying the utmost attention to details. 

In addition, it was a requirement to create spaces that fostered the relationship and community spirit between users and families, so we designed a large hall and an interior garden with a heated pool, to which all the homes have views. 

We incorporate vegetation with native plants of the Mediterranean climate. Two palm trees that emerge and connect the garden with the lower level where the garage is located, thus enjoying natural light and ventilation.

Data sheet

ProjectResidential AC33
Date2017 - 2020
ClientValencia Business Building, S.L.
ConstructorEdifesa. Obras y Proyectos, S.A.
area2026 m2
COLLABORATORS ADYPAU - AIGUASOL (Engineering) / TAU Cerámica - Porcelanosa (Suppliers)
videoDavid Zarzoso y Fernando Moreno