After the completion of the project Residential Building AC33, Rimontgó once again trusted ERRE arquitectura team to develop a new residential project based on a respectful balance between past and future. Tradition and contemporaneity.


The building located on Ciscar Street in the city of Valencia was a great opportunity to rehabilitate and bring back to life a building with more than 100 years of history in which its modernist façade became one of its most characteristic and unique elements.

This residential project was born from the desire to create quality dwellings and to recover and highlight the importance of the heritage of our city, Valencia.


We have strive for pointing out the value and the essence of the original building. We have rehabilitated its façade and entrance hall, also making an effort to restore existing elements such as the original wooden carpentry, the nolla pavement or ironwork elements.

All this by designing flexible dwellings, adapted to current needs and in which the most advanced technology is incorporated, seeking maximum comfort for its users.

Floor plan Facade

We have looked for a design that could combine spatial and material quality. The dwellings are organized around the core of vertical communication, promoting circular routes and a flexible use of spaces.

The day area of the dwellings are positioned in direct relation to Ciscar street while de night area in relation to the interior of the block. Hence, adequate intimacy, privacy and acoustic comfort are achieved for the most private rooms of the building.

All this makes the C4 project a building that externally has the capacity to maintain its architectural value, while internally it manages to create functional homes, where the material and spatial quality together with the use of technology allows achieving high levels of comfort for its users.


Data sheet

ProjectResidencial C4
ClientValencia Business Building, S.L.
Construction CompanyAT4 grupo
Area1576 m2
CollaboratorsTAU Cerámica - Pamesa - Porcelanosa - DOCA (Proveedores) / Buitec - Imaga - Area (Instalaciones) / Madentia - Schüco. Vicente Torres (Carpinterías) / Viccarbe (Mobiliario)
PhotographyDavid Zarzoso
VideoDavid Zarzoso y Fernando Moreno (Agencia Salinas)