TAU Cerámica, consolidated as a world reference brand in the ceramic sector due to the technical and aesthetic quality of its product, trusted in ERRE to create a strategic project for its new exhibition stand at the 2020 edition of Cevisama (Valencia).


TAU Cerámica proposes us the challenge of creating its new Stand through a design that could transform this space into a meeting point and a reference center of the new edition of Cevisama, the international fair of the ceramic industry that is held every year in the city of Valencia.

The aim of the project was to, through an innovative design, position TAU as a benchmark brand in the ceramics sector, increasing its visibility within the fair and, consequently, its sales.


We established a strategy based on innovation. We created a space far from the traditional concept of an exhibition stand, looking for a model that would create a place of relationship and meeting for those attending the fair with ceramics as the protagonist.

The design aims to solve the two main conditions of the project: the creation of a unique and flexible exhibition space; and the use of ceramic through new and innovative systems that allow expanding the possibilities that this material normally offers.

Floor Section

Under a roof of ceramic slats that seem to defy the laws of gravity, a flexible and open space is conceived that acts as a plaza and that will be the central place for all spatial and functional relationships.

Pieces of different formats have been used from opaque surfaces to almost transparent walls, which often seem to disappear into thin air. Rather than a conventional exhibition space, this project provides a sensory experience, playing with the opposing concepts of Lightness and Strength, Transparency and Opacity.

Data sheet

ProjectEstand TAU Cevisama
ClientTAU Cerámica
Area1000 m2
ConsultorWandegar (Technological applications of ceramics) / Angay Projects (Coverings) / Colás (Structure)
PhotographyDavid Zarzoso
VideoDavid Zarzoso y Fernando Moreno