A new Arena stadium in Valencia

Finally, it is more than just a dream. Valencia would have a new Arena soon. This stadium where high-quality sportive, musical and cultural events will be held. In this exciting new project, we work with HOK. We cannot be happier to finally share that the project sponsored by Juan Roig, is approved. Here are some details about how the stadium would look like so you can get an idea of the magnitude of the building.

The arena would be built on the plot attached to L’Alqueria del Basket, next to La Fonteta de San Lluís Pavilion, the current stadium of Valencia Basket Club. About 40,000m2 would be constructed where there would be 15,000 seats and 1458 underground parking spots.

The stadium would be equipped with the most advanced technology for broadcasting all types of events. Moreover, the future headquarters of the Valencia Basket Club would include sports services such as an auxiliary court, locker rooms, area for the media, trophies room and offices.

If everything goes according to the estimated timing, 2022 would be the year. Let’s get to work now! We are looking forward to updating you very soon.

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