AC33 | Refurbishment of a residential building
Today we share with you the first post of 2018, and of course, we start big! This year, in addition to the housing refurbishments that we showed you in previous articles, we are also working on the integral refurbishment of two residential buildings in the Ensanche quarter of Valencia. AC33 is the first of them […]Ver más
L’Alqueria del Basket opening
Finally the day has arrived. Today, we opened the doors to the public of l’Alqueria del Basket, the last project of ERRE architecture for the Valencia Basket Club. Among all the multitude of people who have attended the opening ceremony, we have been accompanied by various national media and known authorities of our city as […]Ver más
The new market of el Grao will look like this
The market of el Grao in Valencia is the oldest in our city and, after years of deterioration and low activity, it will finally be a new focus of life in the neighborhood. The local government of Valencia gave us the opportunity to design the refurbishment project that will finally be executed by the architect José María Tomás, after […]Ver más
Valeriola Palace2016
We are working on a new and exciting project. A challenge that draws from the legacy of several centuries of Valencian history and culture: The Palace Valeriola. The Valeriola Palace is a noble neoclasic style building built in the s XVII at Calle del Mar in Valencia. This axis is one of the culturally richest […]Ver más
ERRE is for Refurbishment
After the deserved summer vacation, the ERRE team returns full of energy and with many new projects on the table. Starting all over again it is always hard, but with all the new projects ahead, we feel like getting back on track. We will talk about each and every one of them little by little […]Ver más
Awarded for innovation
Last June, the JEC Innovation Awards ceremony took place in Chicago, Illinois, where our project Marina de Empresas was awarded in the “building” category. The JEC group is the largest organization in the composite industry in Europe and the world with a network of 250,000 professionals. Its mission is to promote and develop new materials […]Ver más
Spanish pavilion EXPO 2017 proposal
On the 9th of June, Expo 2017 was inaugurated in Astana, Kazakhstan. Hand by hand with Expomobilia and the expert in renewable energies Sergio de Otto, we designed a proposal for the Spanish pavilion that was among the finalists. On this post we will tell you more about it. “Future energy” is the new theme of the current international […]Ver más
From layout to real life: l’Alqueria del Basket
Last week we wore our safety helmets once again in l’Alqueria del Basket. During the visit, we were accompanied by the civil servants of the local government who are responsible for the permits. As you can imagine, the big scale of the building makes necessary a large number of permits to request and, behind each […]Ver más
Under construction II: Alqueria del Basket
Finally, we bring you the new post about the construction works of l’Alqueria del Basket. This time, the whole ERRE team attended the tour and we enjoyed the good company of our friends from the architecture studio Igloo. Do you want to join us too? During this second visit we walked around the building from […]Ver más
Promateriales nº 104
Promateriales is a monthly Spanish publication, physicaly and online distributed, that deals with the topicality of building materials and the current architecture in our country. On its magazine nª 104, you can find an article dedicated to our Marina de Empresas as well as an interview with Jose Marti. Here we leave a small fragment: […]Ver más
Interview with Orsal
Last April the Orsal team interviewed us in their section #AmigosDeOrsal. The location chosen for the round of questions was the ViccarbeStudio, the showroom of the well-known Valencian furniture firm with whom we have the pleasure to work. We talked about architecture, our architecture and our way of doing. We also talked about style, the ideal […]Ver más
Under construction: Alqueria del Basket
As we previously explained, the construction of l’Alqueria del Basket is underway and making good progress. The most curious people will already have seen the Sports Complex appearing behind the fences of the site construction but for those who do not have had the opportunity to visit the surrounding, we update you on the current […]Ver más
Alqueria del Basket
Last September we introduced the first images during the official act that took place in La Fonteta, today we display them in the blog. We are really excited to show you l’ Alqueria del Basket, the sports complex we have designed for the Valencia Basket. It is a large scale project build to train young talents […]Ver más
Presentation of Alqueria del Basket2016
Last September we presented to the media the new project designed for the Valencia Basket: L ‘Alqueria del Basket. The presentation took place in the team’s pavilion, Fonteta de Sant Lluís, where local and national press assisted to the act. The complex of l’Alqueria del Basket was revealed by its main users, the children. Six students […]Ver más
We change the outside but not the inside2016
After all these years, Rstudio, has evolved. Our essence remains the same but our team and projects have grown with every decision made. We needed a new identity which reflected this maturity. In aim of solving this need, we created ERRE arquitectura, as a result of an exercise on simplification in which we pursue to […]Ver más