AT4 offices

A new office project to improve the company's image, its reputation and the satisfaction of the entire team


AT4 is a company specialized in the execution of construction works. With extensive experience in the construction sector, our activity is concentrated in 3 business areas: Construction (Building, Industrial Buildings, Civil Works), Integral Reforms (Homes, Premises and Offices) and Rehabilitation and Restoration (Rehabilitation of Facades, Historic Buildings).


The project for the new offices of the company AT4 was born with the aim of transforming an old space located in the center of Valencia into a flexible and comfortable workspace adapted to the current demands of talent management and retention as well as space optimization.


The project proposes two main work spaces. With an open, agile and flexible character, in these areas there are no hierarchies and they can be used according to the daily activity of the company and its employees. In this way, communication between the different profiles and departments is enhanced and favored.

In addition, around these main spaces orbit different types of meeting and concentration rooms that complement the daily activity of the company. This distribution and design has made it possible to optimize the available space to the maximum, obtaining the maximum productive performance from each square meter.

The project has been generated through the WORKPLACE ERRE system, a design methodology developed by the ERRE arquitectura team after more than 25 years of experience based on flexibility, comfort and technology.

For this purpose, a previous study of the different profiles of the company was carried out, analyzing mobility and occupancy scenarios. With this initial information, a project was designed based on the company’s activity in which there are no fixed or assigned positions and which, in turn, has a wide variety of types of spaces adapted to every need.


One of the initial objectives of the project was to design comfortable and healthy offices in which to feel as comfortable as at home.

For this purpose, we have opted for a warm materiality in which the use of wood and neutral colors predominates, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The use of carpeting also improves the acoustic conditions of the offices.

The design also includes a kitchen-lounge area that acts as a place for employees to meet and rest.

Finally, the project integrates within its design the necessary technology to respond to current demands and be prepared for the challenges of the future.

A new office project that has improved the company’s image, its reputation and the satisfaction of the entire team.


320 m2
Jorge Peiró