The Hortensia Herrero Art Center opens its doors

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Centro de Arte Hortensia Herrero. Andana.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived!

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 11, 2023, after more than 5 years of intense work and preparation, the Hortensia Herrero Art Center opens its doors in the heart of Valencia with the aim of providing a new window to contemporary art and bringing it closer to the people of Valencia and the city’s visitors.

Located in the city center, the space, covering an area of 3,500 square meters dedicated to exhibitions, will host a selection from the private collection of Hortensia Herrero, vice president of Mercadona and president of the foundation that bears her name.



The Hortensia Herrero Art Collection stands out for its international focus, featuring works by prestigious contemporary artists whose creations are exhibited in renowned museums such as MOMA, Tate, and Pompidou, among many others.

The collection is artistically directed and advised by Javier Molins, the artistic director of the art center, and includes over 100 works by more than 50 artists.

In addition to the 17 exhibition halls, the space features 6 ‘site-specific’ works; pieces created specifically for certain areas of the building by artists such as Jaume Plensa, Tomás Saraceno, Sean Scully, Cristina Iglesias, Olafur Eliasson, and Mat Collishaw.

Beyond the contemporary works it will house, the building itself is an architectural gem that tells the story of Valencia. Located in the former Valeriola Palace, a Baroque construction dating back to the 17th century, this venue encapsulates the city’s evolution, from its Roman roots to the Islamic and Christian eras.

The art center’s underground area reveals a historical treasure: a fragment of the Roman circus of ancient Valentia. This colossal construction from the 2nd century AD extends over an area larger than three football fields. During excavations, sections of the thick wall of the western grandstand, transverse walls, and buttresses were discovered and will be available for visitors.



With the opening of the Hortensia Herrero Art Center, we celebrate not only contemporary art but also Valencia’s architectural heritage. The museum journey across its 4 levels promises a comfortable and engaging experience for visitors, allowing them to immerse themselves in the fusion of past and present in this new cultural space.

The ERRE architecture team has been responsible for the restoration of this building, which was in an advanced state of deterioration when it was acquired by Hortensia Herrero.

“This building captivated us, despite being in ruins. It was fortunate enough to catch the attention of Hortensia Herrero, who invested time, resources, and unrestricted passion.”

Amparo Roig, Partner architect at ERRE arquitectura

One of the main challenges of the project has been to design a continuous route that offers a comfortable and pleasant experience for visitors. This route is planned to ascend in the building on Calle del Mar and descend in the second volume, adjacent to Calle San Cristóbal.

From the beginning, the aim has been to recover the original character of the existing building, consolidating the most deteriorated elements, enhancing its original atmosphere, and creating an exhibition space with the contemporary features it deserves.

A project that values the original traces that allow establishing alliances with the past and the place, but also with time, the present, and the future. Like another episode in the history of the building.

We hope and wish that this new chapter in the history of the Valeriola Palace, now the Hortensia Herrero Art Center, will serve to promote contemporary art of the highest level and highlight the great value of Valencia’s architectural heritage.



Tickets to visit the art center for the remainder of the year 2023 have been on sale for several weeks at, while tickets for 2024 will be available for purchase starting in December.

The general admission price is 9 euros if purchased from the website, and once the center is open, if purchased at the ticket office, it will cost 10 euros.

In addition to general admission, visitors can purchase two different experiences: guided tours, which will take place on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. and are free of charge, though reservations are required; and exclusive visits, designed for groups and featuring an exclusive guide.

Hortensia Herrero Art Center. Before and After.
Centro de Arte Hortensia Herrero. Antes y después.
Centro de Arte Hortensia Herrero. Antes y después.
Centro de Arte Hortensia Herrero. Antes y después.
Centro de Arte Hortensia Herrero. Antes y después.
Centro de Arte Hortensia Herrero. Antes y después.