Introducing SWAN, the latest product designed by ERRE arquitectura

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Yesterday was a very special day for the ERRE arquitectura team!

M. Ángeles Ros, partner architect at ERRE, had the honor of presenting SWAN, the new faucet model from Noken designed by ERRE arquitectura.

The Porcelanosa showroom, located in the heart of Valencia, was the venue that hosted over 100 guests who didn’t want to miss the opportunity and joined us during the presentation of this new addition to Noken’s excellent catalog.

As architects, we love getting involved in new projects with companies from different sectors than ours and, through that collaboration, create and offer innovative products and solutions.

This collaboration arises from that attitude of improvement, learning, and knowledge that defines the ERRE arquitectura team.

We felt that it was the right time to offer a design that represents the values that define us as a company and as a brand, and that is in harmony with the values of Noken.



During the presentation, M. Ángeles Ros explained the design process of a faucet characterized by simple, elegant geometry with the ability to adapt to various users and typologies.

In this regard, SWAN arises from the combination of two very pure geometries: the circle and the ellipse.

These geometries allow the creation of a design with the ability to endure over time, adapting to any type of space.

SWAN is presented through a carefully studied ergonomics that constantly seeks functionality in its use.



M. Ángeles Ros also emphasized the importance that technology has had in making SWAN a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

Thanks to the know-how of the entire Noken team, we were able to integrate the Waterforest concept into the SWAN design process. This working methodology helps reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions, consequently facilitating the attainment of certifications such as LEED and BREEAM in buildings where SWAN is used.

SWAN is no exception and incorporates ECO-START and ECO-FLOW technologies.

ECO-START allows SWAN to have a system that opens only in cold water, enabling the selection of hot water only when necessary. This results in lower energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions from the use of heaters and boilers.

On the other hand, the ECO-FLOW system limits the flow to a fixed value regardless of pressure, achieving water savings of up to 89% through the use of an ECO aerator.

All these systems and technologies complete SWAN, a unique product that meets current market demands and naturally embodies the values of both Noken and ERRE arquitectura.

We thank Porcelanosa for organizing the presentation event and Noken for the trust placed in the ERRE arquitectura team.