A faucet with the ability to endure over time while adapting to any type of space.


Noken is a company specialized in bathroom equipment from the Porcelanosa Group, which always focuses on design, quality, and environmental commitment in each product.


The goal of the ERRE team was to create a design based on a timeless and versatile aesthetic. For this, close collaboration with Noken was necessary to apply the most advanced technology and sustainable practices, ensuring a product that could endure over time and meet the contemporary demands of the market.



SWAN is the new faucet model from Noken designed by ERRE architecture.

We felt that it was the right time to offer a design that represented the values that define us as a company and as a brand, in line with Noken’s values.

This faucet is characterized by simple, elegant geometry with the ability to adapt to multiple users and typologies.

In this sense, SWAN arises from the combination of two very pure geometries: the circle and the ellipse.

These geometries allow for a design with the ability to endure over time while adapting to any type of space.

SWAN is presented through a carefully studied ergonomics that always seeks functionality in use.


Technology has played a fundamental role in making SWAN a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

Thanks to the know-how of the entire Noken team, we were able to learn about and incorporate the Waterforest concept into the design process of SWAN.

This working methodology achieves a reduction in water consumption and CO2 emissions, consequently favoring the obtaining of certifications such as LEED and BREEAM in the buildings where it is used.

SWAN is no exception and incorporates ECO-START and ECO-FLOW technologies.

ECO-START allows SWAN to have a cold-water-only opening system, enabling the selection of hot water only when necessary. This results in lower energy consumption and a reduced volume of CO2 emissions derived from the use of heaters and boilers.

On the other hand, the ECO-FLOW system limits the flow to a fixed value regardless of pressure. This achieves water savings of up to 89% through the application of an ECO aerator.

All of these systems and technologies complement SWAN, a unique product that meets the current demands of the market and naturally embodies the values of both Noken and ERRE architecture.

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms